Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TEJASVI email letter to SRG Systems Mr. Muthukrishan

T. S. Muthukrishnan
Managing Director
SRG Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Dear Muttukrishan
I read your letter written to Sri Kumaraswamy. It was forwarded by
him to me. I was shocked to know that you have under gone such a
treatment by GOk. We never new that Kgp has become such a great obstacle
to the software development of Kannada Language.
As you know I am Srg's oldest customer. I have almost all versions
of your Kannada word processors from venus2 to latest Winkey. all our
publications are in your software only. We mention your software support
in all edition of our publications. Your Winkey is one of the best
software available in kannada.
I feel sad and sorry that Kannadiga's have failed to utilize your
expertise and talent to the development of Kannada language. I wonder
why you have not brought these things to my notice. However we have
decided to correct the Blunders committed by KGP. I expect your
cooporation and support to our efforts.
With regards
K.P.Purnachandra Tejasvi

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